Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Biting the bullet

Having spent a long time thinking and praying about what we as a church are going to study over the autumn I've got down to spending some time in Hebrews this week. Hebrews has always been a book which I have in part loved but in other parts feared. I've only ever preached certain passages from it, and that is also all I've ever heard preached. I have never heard someone preach through the book, so it is with some fear and trepidation that I've been exploring its potential suitability for us to study next term.

Hebrews is a book of exhortation - it is a call not to give up but to go on in the faith, not to shrink back but to draw near to God, not to be lazy but to be diligent and grow. It does so by focusing our attention, our eyes, our thoughts on Jesus who is God's supreme revelation - better than angels, better than Moses, better than the cult, and who inaugurates a new covenant which is better than the old covenant.

It is a majestic exploration and explanation of the glory of Christ and the wonder of the incarnation and salvation. I think it is sorely needed as we face pressure from society and as we are not immune to its effects - apathy, fear, paralysis.

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