Monday, 12 July 2010

Talking to Yourself

We were looking at Psalm 9 yesterday and it struck me in preparing how often the psalmist talks to himself. We need to learn this lesson if we’re to be able to sing the Psalms and trust God. In Psalm 9 David recounts to himself all God’s wonderful deeds – reminding himself of who God is and what he has done.

But too often we listen to ourselves: ‘I can’t believe they’ve treated me like that, I’m so hard done to, it’s OK for so and so, why is this happening? if God really loved me then...’ We let how we feel about a situation determine our outlook and undermine our trust in God. The problem with listening to ourselves is that it is subjective it is dependent on our mood and circumstances.
David would call us to stop! Know God, trust God – recount to yourself, talk to yourself about, remind yourself of, God’s wonderful deeds, of who God is, his unchanging character, and the salvation provided for you for his glory in Jesus Christ.

Trust God – don’t listen to yourself but talk to yourself as David does of his deeds of his rescue of the salvation he provides so that you trust him. Talk to yourself about the cross and about the grace of a holy God in saving you.

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