Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Hebrews 2 - DANGER!!!

Hebrews contains some soaring theological truths which stir our hearts and minds, but the author is a pastor and as all good pastors do he applies his theology closely to his congregation.

In chapter 2:1-4 he moves on to apply the truths he has been expounding about Jesus the Son through whom God has spoken to us uniquely and supremely. If Jesus is the ultimate revelation of God, as the pastor has convinced us he is, then we must take seriously his word precisely because it is the ultimate revelation of God.

The danger here seems not to be outright rejection of Jesus and the salvation he brings but a gradual drift from it. Like a child in a dinghy on the sea the danger is that currents will gradually, unwittingly, unnoticed pull him or her away from Christ as surely as the tide pulls him/her away from the beach. That drift manifests itself in neglecting or ignoring salvation or in not paying it careful enough attention.

It poses question of our thinking. Do we take time each day to dwell on our great salvation? Do we fix our thoughts on it, do we seek to apply it afresh to our lives every day? Do we delve into the scriptures longing to understand more of our great saviour and what he has saved us for or do we content ourselves with what we know?

Do other things pull us away from paying the gospel of our salvation, bought to us and secured for us by the very Son who is God, who creates, sustains, rule and reigns and is worshipped by the angels, the attention it deserves, from having it front and centre in our lives?

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