Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The dangers of the tongue

After looking at Matthew 5 and Jesus call for our yes to yes and our no to be no I've been really aware of ho wmuch our world mitigates against us living this way this week.

Its there in the subtle but constant pressure to maintain our image and standing in the eyes of others. Its there in the media and in the permanent massaging of words and images. Its there on the news in the way things are reported and facts chosen which fit with stories. Its in the hierarchy of the workplace whereby we are told things by our seniors which we are not allowed to tell those below us. Because fundamentally it is in our hearts.

Can you imagine a world where only truth was spoken! I guess for some of us that would strike fear into us, because it would need to be a world where love ruled too or we may speak the truth but not in love. In God's gospel kingdom we are liberated to speak the truth by his love for us and by the love and grace that flow from our hearts to others.

We need God to work through his Spirit in us so that our yes is yes and our no no, so that we live as people of the truth not succumb to spin.

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