Thursday, 21 October 2010

A nudge to not loving things

I nipped into town at lunch to help my wife pick out a dress for a wedding. On the way back home as we pulled in to a petrol station to get diesel I noticed that our car had been keyed. Clearly it was deliberate as the individual hadn't just scratched one side but to both sides of the car whilst it was in the car park, and the paint dust was still fresh.

Such an incident poses a question; how am I going to respond? Do I get mad, angry and frustrated? Or do I take it as another nudge from God not to love the things of the world, especially as cars are one of those things I am prone to loving?

I am not saying we are to be careless with our possessions they are given to us by God to steward, but they are given to us to use, they are not to be what I worship. The world and people being what they are they will not last, they will rust, be stolen (keyed) and will not provide satisfaction unlike God.

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