Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thinking about church

Tonight we are thinking about church in home group what makes a healthy church and what doesn't. We are finishing off by look ing the following.

What would you say to the following people?
a. John has bad memories of church from his childhood it was dull and legalistic, it was formal and cold. He says he will not come when you invite him to the Carol Service.

b. Amy goes to church week by week, though she often arrives late and slipping away as soon as the last hymn ends, because she doesn’t really want anyone to ask how she is.

c. Richard and Angela are ‘taking a break’ from church. They still read the bible together, still tell people about Jesus but they had both gotten tired with responsibilities and people in church.

d. Andrea became a Christian at uni she loved the hours spent praying doing mission, and tackling life together. But having graduated and moved towns for work she misses that friendship. She goes to church and home group but she is feeling isolated and beginning to drift.

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