Thursday, 23 December 2010

The nature of sin

I have been struck again and again this Christmas by the nature of sin. Every time I have come to preach the coming of Jesus it has been there, why did he come; to deal with sin, to bring because there wasn't any, to reconcile because our relationship with God was broken, to be Immanuel God with us because before him came we were separated from God, to save us because we needed saving and so on. He came because I was in rebellion against him, because I refused to recognise his right to rule, because I thought I had the right to determine how I lived and what was right and wrong myself.

At the same time I've been reading through Job 38-40 taking a few verses everyday and using them to praise God. In the light of God's majesty unmasked in these verses our foolishness in thinking we can decide right and wrong for ourselves is made even more pronounced. If we can't set the boundaries on the sea, set the foundations of the world in place, or determine seasons or weather what right have we to rebel against the one who can, to reject his wisdom for ours.

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