Wednesday, 2 February 2011

How to sap your leaders joy in leading

In looking at Hebrews 13 on Sunday we were looking at how you make leadership a joy for those leading you. However sometimes seeing the negative, how we can make it a burden is also instructive as it highlights tendencies and drifts in us. How can you discourage your leaders? Here's my top ten:

1. Don't be changed by the bible as it is taught
2. Don't have your bible open or with you as the bible is taught
3. Don't listen and make it obvious that you are not (snoring loudly on back row is never encouraging, nor is rushing straight up after the service to talk to them about something that has clearly occupied your thoughts the whole time)
4. Drift from the gospel, growing increasingly cold or hard hearted
5. Don't meet with God's people regularly
6. Apply whatever God is saying to everyone else but you ('I'm glad so and so was here, they really needed that')
7. Snipe at others; refusing to forgive or apply the balm of the gospel
8. Don't develop meaningful gospel and discipling relationships
9. Stay on the fringe of everything
10. Put your leaders on a pedestal

Are we making it a joy or a burden for our leaders?

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