Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Interesting patterns in Genesis

Sometimes when you read things through you miss repeated patterns that flow from chapter to chapter or even generation to generation. In studying Genesis 37-38 I've been amazed at how many there are.

Deceit - Jacob is a well known deceiver, but he himself is then deceived by his sons into believeing Joseph is dead. But the pattern continues as Tamar then deceives Judah.

Robe - contrary to Lloyd Webber it is not of many colours, but robe does feature a lot. Jospeh is given a robe, is disrobed and then his robe is used in the elaborate deceit of his father. Jacob himsefl deceived his dad using on of Esau's robes.

Goat - In Jacob's great deceit of his father he uses a goat to cover his smooth skin. His sons use the blood of the goat to convince him Joseph is dead, and in chapter 38 a goat is what is promised the disguised Tamar for allowing Judah to sleep with her.

That is to name just three. Its fascinating to watch the skillful way the bible is crafted chapter by chapter.

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