Tuesday, 19 April 2011

More Coffee and Questions

After a busy morning with our holiday club and toddler morning it was off to Mowbray's in Haxey for a coffee and questions evening.  Mowbray's (www.mowbraysofhaxey.com) is a lovely shop which does great coffee and some amazing cake.  And it was a great atmosphere in which people could chat, relax and ask any questions they had about Christianity and the bible.

There were some great questions.  However, one of the big issues during any mission or when we invite our friends to hear the gospel or talk about it or ask questions about it is always how we deal with disappointment when they say no, or simply can't make it.  As Christians we cannot but be excited about the great news that God loves us and sent his Son so that we can be forgiven and enjoy eternal living now in relationship with the Creator of the universe.  But so often when we share or invite friends to come and hear that great news we are met with apathy.  Our reaction should be to be sad, we love people and we love Jesus so disappointment is a right and natural response.  But it must not stop us inviting them again, or talking about Jesus again.  It is not personal rejection, though it often feels like it) it is part of a spiritual battle.

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