Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Perspective People

Its not often I sit and watch the news at 10 but last night I did and I was utterly appalled.  One of the main stories was about Britain's commitment to pay for vaccines for pneumonia and diarrhoea for developing nations in the world, I was pleased that we were not cutting our commitments.

But what appalled me was the snippets of interviews with the public and the way people spoke of needing to look after ourselves first.  It shows how tragically we live in a bubble that assumes we at the moment are not well off!  I know the recession has had an impact on the lives of many, but lets not kid ourselves that Britain is impoverished; as many people feel the pinch they are buying cheaper alternatives when shopping, or they are cutting back their gym membership, or going to one car or whatever other measures they are having to take.  Some people have been affected very badly and are having to make major adjustments and are experiencing real hardship but not the majority of us.  And even so it will not put the lives of our children in danger from pneumonia or diarrhoea!

It illustrated again how ungrateful we are, how we assume that a high standard of living is our right, our normal standard of living, and the utter sinful selfishness that dominates our hearts and therefore our society and skews our perspective on justice and fairness.  As Christians we need to have God's heart for the poor and support the giving of aid to help those less well off than us, it is a small beginning in easing need and sharing our plenty with those who have little.

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