Sunday, 27 November 2011

God's strange sovereignty

This morning was one of those mornings when you stand back afterwards and say I am so glad that preaching doesn't depend on me but on God.  It started with an early morning text message saying the person who was due to preach was too ill, I promptly set to work with the bible and Isaiah 9v6 and some arrow prayers as I went, and was almost finished when my laptop decided to shut down, and yes, you guessed it for some reason auto-save hadn't worked.  On boot up there was just a menacingly white screen and cursor blinking mockingly at me, taunting me.  And so I started all over again at 9.20am, for a service starting at 10.30am.

This side of the tension I can say its good that God works as he did.  It reminded me again that preaching is God speaking through man's (my) foolishness.  That he was sovereign over every illness, every computer glitch and this was in his purpose, once I had that perspective it was less frustrating, exploring again what God wanted me to learn from the passage and from his divinely ordained circumstances.  God is good, his word is powerful, I must trust him and his way even when it is not the way I would choose, and as one who preaches his word I am only ever reliant on him to open my eyes to see his truth, and open my lips to have anything worthwhile to say.

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