Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Questions for churches to ask themselves

Just some further thoughts about how we think through the issue of church service timings, it may helpful to ask the following questions:
  1. What days and times do people work?
  2. When do non-Church goers like to go clubbing and partying?
  3. What sports are big in the community? When are they on TV? And when do local professional, competitive, and fun sports leagues play?
  4. What nights do teens, young children and students do their homework?
  5. How many people can’t resist sleeping in?
  6. Are there a lot of young children with early bedtimes?
  7. What does the average schedule look like for the people we want to reach?
  8. And how much ought we to fit in around these?
We also need to think about those who attend regularly what is best for them and why?  Maybe multiplying services or congregations is a better way forward that the upheaval of moving an existing meeting time and losing some people who can't do a new one.

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