Thursday, 12 April 2012

In Time

I sat and watched the film 'In Time' on Tuesday night, it's an OK film based on a very clever premise.  The premise is that money has been replaced by time as the new currency, everybody is given a timer in their arm and once they are 25 their timer starts.  Initially they have one year to live, though they can add time through work, or by borrowing time at interest, by inheritance or even theft of time from others.  Medical science has also meant that people don't age any more once they are 25, no matter how old they get.

The film isn't brilliantly executed though it does make you think about some of societies preoccupations:

Our fear of death - the greatest driver in the movie is the fear of death.  People work, steal, cheat, etc all so that they can have more time, so that they can live.  Some (the wealthy) deliberate perpetuate the system because for the few to be immortal many will have to die.  Others are so afraid of dying before they have used up their hard won time that they avoid anything that may be viewed as potentially risky but in the process never really live.

Our obsession with looking young - the idea that you stay how you looked at 25 brilliantly reveals our societies rejection of ageing and love of youth and looking young.  Though in the film it makes it impossible to know anyone, or even to guess if someone is someones grandmother, mum, wife or daughter, a very clever and thought provoking idea.

Whilst not a brilliantly executed film it is an interesting watch and one which reveals our societies fear of death and obsession with overcoming it.  It is fascinating having watched it as I prepared to preach Luke 24v36-53 this week where we see Jesus resurrection body and the hope it brings for his followers - death is conquered for them and resurrection is assured by Jesus and it liberates them and us to really live, risking all to tell others the great news that death has been defeated and sin overcome by Jesus the suffering, risen, reigning Messiah.

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