Friday, 24 June 2016

British Evangelical's blind spot?

I listened to a fascinating, informative and insightful talk by Mika Edmondson on the Black Civil Right movement and the American church's response to Black Lives Matter.  It was impassioned and full of love for people and a concern for the honour and glory of God.  It's well worth a listen.

But whilst I listened I found myself thinking where has the evangelical church in Britain been similarly blind and inactive when injustice is plain?  Where have we failed to be the voice the scriptures and our Saviour would call us to be for people made in his image and for whom he gave his life that by believing in him they might find life?

It is something I want to take time to think through more carefully.  But certainly I found myself initially reflecting on the churches silence, and at times demonising, of the deprived and working class.  Interestingly even as I have reflected on this there have been examples of exactly that over Brexit.  Our society is deeply divided along class lines, with misunderstandings and stereotyping rife among those on each side of the divide.  Opportunities, access to good education, a voice in the political process, job chances, health, and even life expectancy are not equally distributed in our society.  We are not an equal opportunities nation.  Are we an equalising opportunities church?

Are we a voice for those needing it?  Are we providing the opportunities society denies?  Are we holding out the gospel of hope to all regardless of background and which estate they live on?  I'd love your thoughts as I think on this more.

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