Thursday, 25 August 2016

Do pastor's hate Bank Holidays?

I have a confession I have a love hate relationship with bank holiday weekends.  It presents a great opportunity for an extended weekend away visiting family or friends unless you're a pastor.  Because Sunday always falls in the middle of a bank holiday weekend.  So if we take Saturday off we get a split bank holiday with preaching and all it's attendant physical, emotional and spiritual strains in the middle.  But my real bug bear comes with the week after, because what it essentially means is I am down a day on preparation but with the same amount of things to prepare for during the week, essentially its a day off but just shifts the pressure to elsewhere in the week.

I'm not moaning, please don't take this in any way as bitter, it's not.  It is a privilege to be called to serve God's people to be set aside and paid to study God's word, pray, teach and disciple.  But here's my point churches, elders, leaders, are there thing you could do to make a bank holiday weekend a bank holiday weekend for your pastor just to show him that you love and value him and his family?  Could you offer to preach that Sunday so they could get away, could you offer to preach the Sunday after a bank holiday so that the pressures of the week don't challenge the rest of a bank holiday?

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