Thursday, 18 August 2016

Frustrated and grateful

Anyone who follows this blog or occasionally drops by, or hears of anything, Grace Church related will know that we are currently looking for a permanent home from which we can serve the community and reach out with the gospel more effectively.  Having exhausted current buildings, such as office and retail spaces, as regards a new home and been told 'No' at every stage we had contacted Peel Holdings who own much of the land around Hayfield.  However, last week we heard back from them that they had no suitable spaces available for us to use.  This was immensely frustrating as they pretty much seem to own Hayfield.

So where now?  Firstly, we have contacted our local MP who has written to both Peel and the local authority about our need of premises from which to serve the community.  She has promised to be in contact once she hears back.  We are very grateful to God for her advocacy on our behalf and will continue to pray for her as she serves our community.

Secondly we are going to put some feelers out and enquire about the price of land that is for sale around about us just to gauge prices, though we fear it will be exorbitant due to the airport.  We do all of this grateful to God for the security we enjoy at the school where we meet and aware that we need to seek his will and trust his purposes and timing.  As a church we covet the prayers of God's people for our situation and our future.

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