Wednesday, 3 August 2016

There's no place like home

We are just back from a couple of weeks holiday who took in the hustle and bustle of London and the calm serenity of North Yorkshire.  As well as the period of rest and opportunity to eat ice cream, visit a beach/Buckingham Palace/Tower of London/Scarborough cricket ground, and spend time with the family it also provides an opportunity to visit other churches and just be part of the congregation.  It is an opportunity I enjoy but it reminds me every time that what makes our own church home is the family we find there.  The interconnected interdependent web of relationships.  The shared experiences, the committed care, the easy yet intentional way we are around and with each other.

So I return from holiday refreshed but also pleased to be back to my church family, where God has put me and where I find those relationships that provoke me and go deep which we so desperately need.

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