Monday, 5 December 2016

Reminded of the Gospel need

I've been reminded again of the gospel need of Doncaster.  A family connected with our church, who has shown considerable interest in the gospel at various times and have many questions but who are yet to come to faith are about to move.  Not by choice but because they have to.  Due to the nature of rehousing their home will by some 9 miles away on the other side of Doncaster.   They don't drive so driving half an hour to meet with us isn't an option, there are no direct buses, and a round trip of over an hour to pick someone up for church is impossible when we already transport a number of other people.  So I've been desperately trying to find a Bible teaching church for them where they will hear the gospel and be loved, but so far I've drawn a blank.

It reminds me again of the gospel need of Doncaster.  It drives me to pray that God will raise up people who see the need and come and help us reach Doncaster with the gospel.

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