Wednesday, 14 July 2010

How to place an advert

Often the best advertising comes from the most unexpected sources. For about 3 years now we've been going in to do assemblies and lessons at a local school. Staff and students always seem to enjoy the assemblies and we are always pleased to be able to teach them a bit more about the gospel and what it means to follow Jesus.

We've also deliberately invested a lot in the school in terms of building relationships and meeting needs.

Sometimes in schools work you teach the gospel through an assembly only to have a neutered a bit by a well meaning staff member who stands up and says 'That was a really important lessons boys and girls so lets try to make sure we are nice to one another today.' When you've actually taught we aren't nice because of our sin and can't just make ourselves nice we need Jesus.

In 7 years of schools ministry in various schools this morning was a first. At the end of the assembly the member of staff stood up and encouraged the children to come to our church over the summer if they wanted to telling them where we were and when we met. What an answer to prayer.

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