Thursday, 15 July 2010


We make time for the things which we really value.

Its a fundamental principle of life. It is seen in our relationships; if someone really values a friendship they will make time to phone or go out with, or talk to that person. They will sacrifice something else because they place a greater value on the friend they want to spend time with.

We make time for what we really value.

It applies to our commitment to other believers (which is what church is). If we really value other believers in our church and our growing gospel relationships with them then we will not let other things get in the way of being with those other believers. The work presentation can be done on an evening, or the children's party invitation declined, or the Champions League game recorded or the highlights watched later.

We make time for what we value.

It applies to our day, we know our day needs to be gospel centred, that our living needs to flow out of cross centred hearts and minds. But our priorities often betray that this is little more than something we pay lip service to or nod to. In order to ensure that we remain cross centred we need to commit to building habits and routines around the gospel. To reading it thinking about it, discussing it, inviting others to apply it to us and so on...

Every time we say we don't have time because of... what we are actually saying is this other thing matters more to me than the gospel, it comes higher up my priority list. We need to sit down and take stock of our priorities.

We make time for what we really value. What does my time say about what I value?

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