Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Prayer Problems

It was great over the two weeks in Romania to work with a team which was quick to pray about things. The weather looked bad so we prayed and often the skies cleared or it did not affect our plans. Someone was ill and we prayed and the team didn't all get it. A young man was disrupting the groups we prayed and 3 days later he professed faith and was a different character.

But fascinatingly since I've been back a couple of people have said yes but wasn't most of that just coincidence? I think this is one of our big problems when we pray, we believe more in coincidence than we do in God working naturally. It happens on every level when we pray - we pray to an almighty sovereign God of the universe who loves to hear his children pray. But when he answers we write it off as coincidence which affects our desire to pray again, it becomes a vicious circle.

Prayer is one of our great struggles in the West, maybe because we have so much we don't feel the pressing urgency of prayer, or maybe because we have become subtly cynical, but ultimately not to pray is not to trust our father and not to value the relationship we are given through Jesus death, resurrection and present reign.

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