Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Masculine Mandate

This book was reviewed in this months briefing and I can't wait to get it, I was hoping to order it in bulk for church but haven't been able to yet, however Amazon have it available now and it is in my astore link.

Richard Phillips the author says that, “Rather than following the American stereotype of cold, macho masculinity, Christian men should seek to grow in their ability genuinely to bless others.” He points to this mandate in Genesis 2, which "shows that God created man for a purpose. God ordained that Adam would bear His image both in his person and in his work, and God put Adam in the world to work it and keep it—to be a cultivator and a protector.”

Men today, like Adam, are called to “work” and “keep.” “God put Adam in the garden ‘to work it and keep it’ and the only difference between Adam’s calling and ours lies in the details of how we seek to fulfill it.”

Phillips concentrates on five: employment, marriage, children, friends, and the church. I'm ordering my copy today and I'll be reviewing it in the coming weeks, it has however, been tagged by some as the best book on Christian manhood.

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