Thursday, 16 December 2010

Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor

I've almost finished reading Don Carson's book about his dad's ministry. It is an interesting read, as a book it is a slow grower, I found the initial chapters on the context of Canadian ministry quite a struggle to read and get in to. However, as Don unveils his Father's struggles with ministry it becomes a very telling book which gives us insight as church leaders and especially pastors into our own struggles with slow growing ministry.

We live in an age that values the celebrity and successful, even in the evangelical world, and that drive means pastors who are not published or who minister faithfully seeing slow growth constantly fight discouragement and a sense of inadequacy. Memoirs of an ordinary pastor is a very honest book that confronts those issues in Tom's life and looks at the great care and love he had for his people even after he had finished pastoring them.

It was a real encouragement to continue loving people and teaching faithfully, and an antidote to success driven books that are out there.

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