Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Planting for the Gospel

I started reading Graham Beynon latest book yesterday, Planting for the Gospel is about the need and variety of ways to plant churches. I read the first 4 chapters yesterday and was reminded again of the sheer variety of ways to plant, but also of the need to plant churches as a result of our evangelism - be they separate plants or just new congregations of existing plants.

Particularly helpful, I thought, were the two questions which close the first chapter:

1. Can we plant a church in a new area that we do not reach to see the spread of the gospel there?

2. How can we best see gospel growth in our current area - is it through growing a larger church, or planting new churches?

It is great to have something that focuses on Britain and British culture in terms of church planting rather than having to transpose everything from American culture. I'm particularly looking forward to the second part of the book where there are numerous case studies of the different types of plants from across the UK.

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