Friday, 29 July 2011

What makes us distinctive?

Its that time of year when we begin to plan for the next year.  What should we do?  What did we do that went well and why did it go well?  What didn't go so well and why?  What opportunities did we miss?  What new opportunities are there?

But there is a danger in that treadmill mentality we never look up and think big scale; what makes us as God's people distinctive?

It is not the quality of events we put on it is that we are God's people united by the gospel and given a message to live out and proclaim to a watching (often hostile) world around us.

So the question is not what events ought we to put on, but how can we enable people to best see what makes us distinctive?  How can we show them the new community which is a result of reconciliation to God in Christ and to one another?

This doesn't mean that events are wrong, but it must influence what events we put on.  Anything we do will not rival 'entertainment' available elsewhere, it will not be as slick as a music gig, or as epic in scale as a Hollywood blockbuster.  Instead our events should enable people to see the wonder of the gospel and the new community it creates.

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