Monday, 1 August 2011


For the next two weeks I've been freed up from the demands of preaching to take some study time.  My plan is to try and get a grip on Ezekiel - a book I've never studied before - in the mornings.  Then in the afternoon work through the Proclamation Trust Preaching and Teaching Old Testament DVD and workbook, before after a quick coffee break concluding by catching up on some general reading - starting with Everyday Church - and then trying to produce some outline plans for Exodus in the autumn term.

I started on Ezekiel this morning looking at the background and the history of Judah that leads them to Exile and Ezekiel to be commissioned to preach oracles of judgement against Judah leading up to the news of its final fall and utter destruction (ch24, and 33) before then declaring that God is not finished with his people yet and laying a new hope before them.

This afternoon I revisited some of the basics on preaching and teaching Old Testament narrative.  Its always helpful to have a refresher course as well as receive new insights.  I found it particularly helpful to be reminded to look for the crisis point or problem in narrative passages, then look for the resolution before finally seeing the outcome.  It is a simple device but it is so helpful in helping us get a basic grip on Old Testament Narrative passages.

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