Friday, 12 August 2011

Real church

I had an interesting discussion with my two young boys last week on the difference between the way people talk about church.  What is it that makes a church?  Its not a building or stained glass windows or the quality of the service?  It isn't even good preaching - indeed there is a danger of becoming a preaching centre where people come to be entertained.

A church is people living life together with gospel intentionality, applying the bible to one another's lives, spurring each other on in godliness and holiness, helping on another in our fight against sin.  It means spending time together, the regulated times of meeting are part of it but only part of it.  It is much more fluid, much more organic, much more attractive, much more messy.

Our problem with it is that it is not something you can organise, though you can put in place things to facilitate it.  It is something which people must see, be attracted to and participate in.

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