Tuesday, 30 August 2011

That first morning buzz

This morning is the first day back in the saddle after two really encouraging and stimulating weeks studying Ezekiel, and then two weeks holiday - during which our fourth son (Elijah Benjamin) was born.  Sometimes you hear people talk about dreading going back to work after a break, but this morning it is with a real excitement that I'm starting work on the book of Exodus which we will be preaching through this term in the mornings. 

In fact so excited am I by Exodus that its been hard giving other people chapters to preach because I just want to preach all of it because it is so rich in terms of the vision it gives us of God, his character, his grace and his sovereignty.  I'd much rather have to work hard to give others bits to preach because I'd love to than be willingly giving them passages I want to avoid.  Exodus is just such a great book because it reveals so much about our great God!

Here's how we are dividing the book up:

ch 1 - God's people in trouble
ch2 - How not to rescue God's People!
ch3:1-4:31 - A Great God and a Fearful Leader
ch 5:1-21 - Who is this God?
ch 5:22-7:7 - God will be know and Save
ch 7:8-10:29 - God Revealed
ch 11:1-13:16 - God Redeems his People
ch 13:17-14:31 - God Glorified
ch 15:1-21 - The Futility of Opposing God
ch 15:22-17:16 - God and a Whingeing people
ch 18 - A Mystery Worshipper

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