Monday, 5 September 2011

God is faithful to his people through his people

One of the things which really struck me as I studied and preached Exodus 1 was the naming of the two midwives.  Verse 15 is written in such a way that the names could not be given and nothing would be missed, so you have to ask why are the names of these two ladies included.  This is made even more apparent when you consider Pharaoh's name is not given just his title.

God remembers his faithful people, as Shiprah and Puah go about their job fearing God not Pharaoh, trusting God even with their lives as they disobey Pharaoh's mandate to kill baby boy Hebrews.  God does not forget them and God does not want his people to forget them, hence the recording of their names.  They are great examples of those who live by faith.  And a great encouragement to us that God is faithful to his people through his people - he will eventually send Moses to deliver his people, called, anointed, set apart to be Israel's mediator.  But he also works through the everyday faithfulness of his ordinary people to delivery his people.  What an encouragement that is to us as we go into work or labour at home.

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