Tuesday, 6 September 2011

What did you Expect?

I'm on chapter 2 of this fantastic book on marriage and in that chapter Tripp really gets down to principles, his basic premise is that what enables and sustains a marriage of love, unity and understanding is daily worship of God as creator, sovereign and saviour.  In fact it is only that which will lead us to value and praise God for what he has made our spouse to be, how he has blessed us by giving us a spouse who has a different way of looking at the world, and for the calling to be part of working the gospel of Jesus into one another's sinful lives.

Brilliant and so insightful when you reverse that.  So often in our marriages we do the opposite, we wish our spouses were differently wired, or thought the same way as us about things, or did not struggle with that sin, or were as righteous as us (Pharisee alert!!!).  But that means we are not worshipping God and praising him for our spouse but are questioning God's creation, his sovereignty and abdicating the grace-bearing aspect of our marriages.

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