Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Spotting parallels in Exodus 2

Exodus Two is a brilliant chapter and as I've studied it this week I've seen an amazing number of parallels with other bits of the Bible and with later chapters of Exodus.
1. "Ark" the Hebrew word translated basket in v3 and 5 is the word ark, it appears only 27 times in the Old Testament, 25 times in the story of Noah and twice in these verses.  It gives us a glimpse of how God will rescue Moses through the water, as he will later do with the Israelites.

2. Moses rescue of the Israelites and Jethro's family has many parallels with God's.  Moses sees the Israelites suffering as does God, he strikes an Egyptian as God strikes an Egyptian, and his rescue of Jethro's daughters is described as being rescued or saved and delivered just as God will describe his rescue/deliverance of the Israelites.

3. Like Joseph Moses is rejected by his brothers and sent into exile.

There are also the obvious parallels with Jesus birth, though Jesus is the Saviour whereas Moses is saved to mediate God's salvation.

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