Friday, 30 March 2012

The Good God

How do you think of the Trinity?  What difference does your understanding of the Trinity make to the way you live?

There are a number of good books around which look at the key doctrine of the Trinity, but I am half way through Mike Reeves book 'The Good God' and I have to say it is the best book I have read so far.  It brilliantly looks at how the very nature of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit is integral to creation and everything else in the universe.  The relational (trinitarian) nature of God explains why he creates, why he saves, how he saves and what we are redeemed for.

This book is theologically heavy in terms of the truths it looks at but is easy to read and understand.  The books aim is not just to make us more theologically knowledgeable but to show us how to enjoy Father, Son and Spirit.  Whilst I haven't finished it yet it is fast shaping up to be my must buy book of 2012.

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